Artificial Bromeliads

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For over 30 years, The Plantworks has designed, manufactured, and installed over 6000 complete interior and exterior landscapes across the country and internationally. With the Company’s onsite creative team of landscape designing professionals, creating custom silk plants, artificial trees and silk flowers for your home or office is just another day’s work. The Plantworks specializes in commercial grade, lifelike artificial foliage, artificial flowers, silk plants and trees – along with a specialized UV Rated Polyblend® exterior foliage, used for exterior plants. In addition, the Company designs authentic looking interior trees that use natural wood trunks with artificial components. From large artificial trees to decorative artificial flowers, The Plantworks is here to bring the outside indoors for commercial and/or private use. From one tree or two silk plants to entire atriums, The Plantworks prides itself on offering the highest quality custom artificial trees and plants in the business, guaranteed.

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There are many decors to choose from when decorating a home. You can use a lot of furniture. You can use great artworks from Spain and decorate your place extensively with expensive masterpieces that will really show how cultured and rich you are. Or you can be a bit conservative and make your home purely painted with white and decorated with real solid black furniture and other stunning decorative items. Or you can be very environment-friendly and only install real plants and organic items in your area. But what’s less expensive than this? If you don’t want to bother with ornaments that don’t really make any change to how your house would look, what would be the best way to decorate it? Well, one good suggestion is artificial bromeliads.

Artificial bromeliads are great decorative items to make your house greener, more organic and less stale. It boosts your home to make it more presentable to many, just like what roses do in a home full of block solid brown furniture. Nobody can live in such a colorless place, and that’s why it is nice to see that you have artificial bromeliads as options for making your home or business establishment more vibrant. Bromeliads, regardless of how they are made, share similiar characteristics. Their leaves grow in what is called a rosette, or a spiral-shaped pattern, according to the experts in Bromeliads. Another characteristic of these bromliads is that in most cases its flower stalk emerges from the core of the plant’s leaf rosette. What this only shows is that growing a bromeliad isn’t that easy, even if you’re planting the kind of bromeliad that doesn’t grow in telephone poles and extract nutrients in the cracks of the walls. With artificial bromeliads, you won’t have to bother about such complication anymore. All you need to do is order online the artificial bromeliads sold in many places and install them into your home.

Some of the major advanatages of using artificial bromeliads include durability, easy installation, low maintenance and extensive variety.

Durability is important. When decorating anything to your home, no factor in buying an ornament prevails more than durability. Who doesn’t want to decorate an area where the ornaments won’t just last a week or two weeks but in several years? Who doesn’t want to get the kind of ornaments that even your grandkids’ grandkids can still appreciate? That is one advantage of using artificial bromeliads. When you’re dealing with real bromeliads, issues like bromeliads not forming colonies or cluster of plants after they have been installed in areas, will resurface and nobody seems to have the time enough to take care of them. If you’re not bothered with not getting the fresh smell of real bromeliads, then it would not make sense if you don’t take advantage of artificial bromeliads today. In fact, many people opt for artificial bromeliads because not only are they easy to install, but they don’t wilt when they are handled hard in flower arrangements. It also goes without saying that you can use more artificial bromeliads than real bromeliads. You can put more bromeliads in areas you would not have thought possible when using real plants, and that’s always a good thing, right?

Easy installation. Nodody wants to waste their time installing something that could’ve been installed in a few minutes. Because they are made of latex and other artificial materials, you would not face the problem of wasting time when using artificial bromeliads as ornaments to your home. After you order them online and they get delivered to your home, you can now use them in different areas. If you opt for real plants, this would not be possible, knowing you need first to take good care of the plants and make sure they don’t get broken when you put them into arrangements. Bromeliads that are grown in the air should also be regularly watered and that impedes the decorator to use these real plants for arrangement because you can’t exactly arrange flowers when they’re wet. - Picture 1

Artificial Bromeliads

The Plantworks facility, built in 1997, was created especially to accommodate our 10,000-square-ft manufacturing operation, floral design studio, storage for our raw wood materials, and our Interior Landscape Design Center. Our inventory of artificial plants, trees, flowers, and floral vases and accessories are truly one of a kind. For more information, Visit Plantworks.

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Artificial Bromeliads

Plantworks has manufactured its award-winning artificial plants and trees using domestically harvested natural wood and cane trunks. All wood comes from renewable materials, such as Bamboo. Bamboo and Curly Willow are harvested using environmentally safe methods. Manzanita Wood is harvested from national preserves with issued permits, which keep natural habitats and aid in ecology. For …

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